The Diocese of Algoma - Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Canada | Marriage Tuesday May 21, 2019

Information on the Blessing of a Civil Marriage,

Place of Marriage, and Marriage of Un-baptized Persons can be found here (pdf).

The Anglican Church of Canada's canon, On Marriage in the Church (XXI), can be found here (pdf).



The Diocese of Algoma has a Matrimonial Commission which hears applications for permission to

remarry following the rites of the Anglican Church, to have a civil marriage blessed if either person

was divorced prior to being civilly married, and to obtain a Determination of Marital Status.

Further information on the process followed by the Matrimonial Commission and the application forms

required for this process may be obtained by contacting your parish priest.  This should be done well in

advance of any proposed marriage in Anglican Churches in the Diocese of Algoma.