The Diocese of Algoma - Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Canada | Staff Directory Wednesday May 24, 2017

Bishop  - The Right Reverend Anne Germond

Office Administrative Assistant, Liz Hamel

Treasurer, Jane Mesich, CPA, CA

Assistant Treasurer, Marjorie Ingram

Executive Archdeacon, The Ven. Dr Harry Huskins

Congregational Development Officer, The Rev. Dr Jay Koyle

Deanery Youth Coordinators: The Rev. Roberta Wilson-Garrett (Algoma),  Vacant (Muskoka);Vacant(Sudbury/Manitoulin), Jennifer Snowden (Thunder Bay-North Shore); Vacant (Temiskaming)

Deanery Child and Youth Ministry Facilitators: The Rev. Pamela Rayment (Algoma);  Lynne Preston (Muskoka);Jayne Coy (Thunder Bay-North Bay); Vacant(Temiskaming)

Program Associates: The Rev. Pamela Rayment (Algoma); Vacant (Muskoka); The Rev. Derek Neal (Temiskaming); Levina Collins (Thunder Bay-North Shore);

Electronic Offering Programme contact:

The Diocese of Algoma
Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Canada
P.O. Box 1168
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario
P6A 5N7

PHONE:  705-256-5061

FAX:  705-946-1860

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