The Diocese of Algoma - Anglican (Episcopal) Church of Canada | The Rev'd Paul Walmsley Plans to Retire Tuesday Jun 25, 2019

Posted: Mar 3, 2013


Bishop Andrews has received notice from The Rev’d Paul Walmsley that he intends to retire at the end of May.  A former insurance adjuster, Paul got his BTh from St Paul University in Ottawa in 2002.  Prior to that, he had served as student minister in Biscotasing (1999) and McGregor Bay (2000, 2001).  After his deaconing in 2001 he worked at St Bartholomew’s Church, Ottawa, and South March Parish in Kanata.  In 2002 he was ordained Priest and took up the incumbency of St John’s Church in Thunder Bay.  In 2007 he moved to the parishes of Holy Trinity, Little Current, and St George’s, Espanola.  His assignment was redescribed in 2011 by the paring of St George’s with Elliot Lake and he took on the parish of Western Manitoulin, consisting of St Peter’s, Silverwater; All Saints’, Gore Bay; and St John’s, Kagawong.  He has served the diocese in a variety of capacities: as a member of the Insurance Sub-committee, as Regional Dean, as Delegate to Provincial Synod, and as a member of the Diocesan Response Group.  Although retired from full-time ministry, he has offered his services to the Bishop as an interim for vacant parishes, a ministry for which he has taken special training. 

Paul and his wife, Dianne, plan to remain in the community of Little Current where they can keep an eye on their boat.  ‘While I am sorry that Paul will be scaling back,’ said Bishop Andrews, ‘I am grateful that he and Dianne are remaining in the diocese where we can enjoy their fellowship and benefit from their gifts.’

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